Sustainable Low Impact Products

Creating sustainable products requires attention to all steps in the process from where the materials come from to the process of manufacturing, to the method of transport and finally the way the product is used; and each step in the process has an impact on our world. We believe that every little decision has an impact and we want to support vendors who are making conscious decisions.
Treatment of the people and animals involved are not often considered when determining sustainability but we think these components play into the bigger picture of how sustainable a product is. Additionally using wind, solar or other clean energy to power a plant reduces our energetic impact. At Filosano our goal is to provide products that do not take away from, but instead provide benefit; after all to be sustainable is to be able to continue without depletion. The making of these products pays special attention to; energy use, ethical treatment of people, ethical treatment of animals and other often ignored components of creating products for a sustainable future.

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