• Unique, Artful , Handmade

    One of a kind, upcycled pieces enhance your wardrobe

  • Certified Sustainable Fashion

    Bringing facts to eco fashion.

Filosano Certified Eco Products

Filosano's mission is to bring you beautiful and unique eco fashion that has been carefully curated from environmentally responsible artists and designers. Each of our products is carefully researched and certified based on the materials, manufacturing process and the people involved.


  • Our Commitment to Sustainability

    We believe very strongly that every purchase in our daily lives is an opportunity to reduce our own impact.

Eco Certified Partners

We'd like to introduce you to some other amazing brands that meet our certification standards.

Click below to view their websites.

  • PrAna

    Clothing for positive change


    Is not a denim company. It's a movement.

  • Pact Organic Kids

    Earth's favorite clothing

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