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Threads Worldwide is creating life-changing work for women around the world through the fair trade of artisan jewelry.

Since we founded Threads in 2011, we have partnered with dozens of artisan cooperatives employing women and providing them the opportunity to thrive, not just survive. With this new-found financial independence, the Artisan Partners we work with are able to make their dreams a reality – from sending all of their children to school, accessing health care, to making their homes safer and starting their own businesses.

In the United States we have brought hundreds of global shopping experiences into hundreds of communities around the country, educating people on the power of their purchases and sharing the artisan stories. We empower women in the US to make a difference as Fair Trade Partners, earning an income with their own jewelry businesses while knowing themselves as world-changers.

You, the customer, are the reason our Artisan Partners are thriving and the reason our Fair Trade Partners are empowered to grow their businesses and show the world how to Shop with Heart. Your purchases matter.

Thank you! Together we are making dreams a reality.

Angela, Kara, & Lindsay

We are excited to partner with Threads Worldwide because of their passion for reaching into struggling communities and creating a valuable product. Without this outlet, these Artisan's work would not be seen nor appreciated. In many cases, helping to maintain skills that would otherwise have been lost. We are so excited that we can not only provide meaningful and valuable work but we can also provide products that use locally found materials that would otherwise have gone to waste. Their ingenuity and creativity creates products for you and prevents one more plastic resin necklace or dirty manufacturing facility. Your purchases make it possible for an economy that does not involve destroying people and our planet. -- Filosano

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