Our Sustainability Initiatives

What is Sustainable Clothing?

The clothes we wear tell a story. From the fields where our organic cotton and hemp are grown, to the beaches where plastic bottles are harvested, to the chemicals that need to be managed upstream, to the safety and well-being of the people assembling our clothing, there is a rich and inspiring story built into each and every piece we create.

Ultimately, sustainable clothing respects the planet and its people.

When you choose to invest in a piece of our clothing, you are propelling the sustainable clothing movement forward. You are casting a vote for social and environmental responsibility, for transparency, for a fundamental change in the way clothing is made.

This is our environmental heritage and it’s been this way from the beginning. Simply, sustainability is part of our DNA.

All of this adds up to fun, functional apparel that allows you to flex your adventurous spirit without negatively impacting the environment.

Our ultimate goal is to inspire, educate, and outfit your adventures with sustainable clothing.

We do this by investing in people committed to making a fundamental change in the way clothing is made, and forging partnerships with dedicated organizations like Fair Trade, bluesign®, Textile Exchange, Responsible Down Standard, and many more.

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