Themis and Thread

Company Bio

Designer, Pattern Maker, and Seamstress Jesse Junko Beardslee develops statement staples made from 100% American made components. Inspired by Nature, Music, The Goddess, Happiness, Revolution and Justice, Themis and Thread began making low environmental impact fashions in 2013. Organic Cottons, Natural Fibers, Upcycled/Recycled Accents and Vintage Materials Rescued for Reuse are the main pallet from which Themis and Thread's Justifiable Fashions are drawn. With a strong commitment to integrating American artisans' crafts, each piece of clothing and jewelry represents several hardworking American makers, putting you right in the middle of this cycle of awesomeness. The ripple effect is felt across the nation, and it's good vibes only! Every piece is handcrafted with love in a zero waste, vertically integrated sewing studio in The Finger Lakes, New York State's premiere wine region.


Happiness and Justice is what we stand for as we create Justifiable Fashions Made in The United States of America. Themis and Thread is focused on bridging the gap between consciousness and style. We're dedicated to victimless fashion and feel that no unhappiness should be condoned throughout the process - from farm to factory, creator to consumer. The environment and well being of skilled laborers has too often been overlooked by the fashion industry's faster cheaper status quo business model. Once all involved parties are happy, justice will have been served. We strive to project a conscious style for the style conscious that is sustainable and truly justifiable. Following in the footsteps of the organic food movement we hope to raise awareness and lead a Fashion Revolution towards a healthier industry.

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