Low Impact Materials

Low Impact Material

Each stage in the life-cycle of every product you buy has a measured impact on the environment. From designers and manufacturers to distributors and you, there are many ways to make a significant difference in how environmental a piece of clothing can be. In addition to the kind of material used, such as organic, recycled, and repurposed; sustainable clothing also considers where materials are grown and manufactured and by whom.


At Filosano, we believe that part of the evaluation of a sustainable product is the way that the people and animals involved are treated. Though this is not traditionally considered a component of sustainability, we believe that the human component is a very important piece of sustainable living. That’s why we work with local artisans and invest in community building.



Compostable products are broken down through a specific environmental process using oxygen, water, heat, and microorganisms. Disposing compostable products effectively reduce the impact on landfills and reintroduces valuable nutrients into the earth.



Energy and water are needed to create new products. Sourcing from recycled and repurposed materials conserves these natural resources, as well as using renewable energy to power production. Currently, 20% of all greenhouse gas emissions come from industrial product manufacturing.

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