Pact Organic

We are Pact.

We are designed for humankind, creating head-to-toe basics that empower every kind of person to unleash what’s underneath. That means you. And you. And you. Even you with the hair.

  • Certified Organic Cotton
  • Fair Trade at a Fair Price
  • So Soft You’ll (Almost) Cry

 We promise to do no harm.

Only comfort.

We source 100% organic cotton: only and always. We seek out Fair Trade Certified™ factories. We use eco friendly materials and practices everywhere humanly possible, and we don’t stop there. We endlessly search for ways to keep improving because comfort should never come at the cost of other people or the planet.

We promise to not be gross.

Toxic dyes, pesticides and bad attitudes have no place in your clothes. After all, there’s nothing more personal than what you put on your skin, so we take clothing VERY personally. Our ingredients are nice and clean, and our approach is just plain nice. We’d rather make friends than compromises.

We promise to always be us so you can always be you.

Everyone deserves to be comfortable in their own skin. You’re the best part of any outfit anyway, so we stick to our values so you can live yours. With Pact, you can outfit what’s within—rocking our organic cotton leggings, hoodies, tees and mention-worthy "unmentionables" like you were born to.

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