What are Sustainable Products?

Sustainable Products provide environmental, social, and economic benefits while protecting public health, welfare, and the environment over their full commercial cycle, from the extraction raw materials, through production and manufacturing.

Filosano showcases multiple designers with whom we share a close personal relationship of trust. Our vendors are selected based on their commitment to creating beautiful original designs of exceptional quality, while employing sustainable and responsible methods of production.

We know exceptional, sustainable product options exist and can be available to everyone. We believe that you should know what you are buying, where it came from, how it was made, and who made it. We also believe that you should be able to do this easily, and strive to save our customers time by creating a direct channel to a diverse selection of sustainable products, while leaving the research to us.

We strive to offer the best products in these categories:

Sustainable Home Products

  • Organic Home Products
  • Renewable Home Products
  • Repurposed Home Products
  • Low-Impact Home Products
  • Eco-Friendly Home Products
  • Green Home Products
  • Recycled natural sustainable Products
  • Sustainable wood and bamboo Products
  • Used sustainable Products
  • Earth-friendly Products
  • Cruelty-free Products
  • Fair Trade Products
  • Certified Organic Products
  • Conflict-Free Products

Sustainable Women’s Clothing and Sustainable Women’s Accessories

  • Organic Women’s Clothing
  • Organic Women’s Accessories
  • Renewable Women’s Clothing
  • Renewable Women’s Accessories
  • Repurposed Women’s Clothing
  • Repurposed Women’s Accessories
  • Low-Impact Women’s Clothing
  • Low-Impact Women’s Accessories
  • Eco-Friendly Women’s Clothing
  • Eco-Friendly Women’s Accessories
  • Green Women’s Clothing
  • Green Women’s Accessories
  • Upcycled Women’s Clothing
  • Upcycled Women’s Accessories

Sustainable Men’s Clothing and Sustainable Men’s Accessories

  • Organic Men’s Clothing
  • Organic Men’s Accessories
  • Renewable Men’s Clothing
  • Renewable Men’s Accessories
  • Repurposed Men’s Clothing
  • Repurposed Men’s Accessories
  • Low-Impact Men’s Clothing
  • Low-Impact Men’s Accessories
  • Eco-Friendly Men’s Clothing
  • Eco-Friendly Men’s Accessories
  • Green Men’s Clothing
  • Green Men’s Accessories
  • Upcycled Men’s Clothing
  • Upcycled Men’s Accessories

Sustainable Kids Products, Sustainable Kids Clothing, Sustainable Kids Accessories

  • Organic Kids Clothing
  • Organic Kids Accessories
  • Renewable Kids Clothing
  • Renewable Kids Accessories
  • Repurposed Kids Clothing
  • Repurposed Kids Accessories
  • Low-Impact Kids Clothing
  • Low-Impact Kids Accessories
  • Eco-Friendly Kids Clothing
  • Eco-Friendly Kids Accessories
  • Green Kids Clothing
  • Green Kids Accessories
  • Upcycled Kids Clothing
  • Upcycled Kids Accessories

Sustainable Jewelry

  • Organic Jewelry
  • Renewable Jewelry
  • Repurposed Jewelry
  • Upcycled Jewelry
  • Low-Impact Jewelry
  • Eco-Friendly Jewelry
  • Green Jewelry
  • Conflict-free Jewelry
  • Women-Made Jewelry
  • Fair Trade Jewelry
  • Ethically Sourced Metals Jewelry
  • Ethically Sourced Gemstones Jewelry


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