About our Founder

Filosano Founder Maury Argento
Maury went on to study biology and physiology, and became passionate about how things work and how they are made. She joined the military to pay for college, and developed a real appreciation for process, efficiency, leadership, and communication. After her years in the military, Maury worked with medical technology, becoming an expert in production processes and supply channels.
Over the years, she had also become the expert among her family, friends, and contacts for recommendations on a sustainable approach to life. Maury observed that the marketplace was inundated with “eco,” “green,” or “sustainable” products, but found that most consumers had limited understanding of what these terms meant, and their greater impact on their environment. Eventually her passion for educating about and supporting sustainability led to Filosano. Through Filosano, Maury offers a curated marketplace that features products from select designers, all made with their broader impact in mind. When evaluating a product, Maury always asks, “Where did the materials for this come from? How did the materials get here? How were the processed?” Her goal is for Filosano to provide a window for consumers into the products they buy, empowering to make informed decisions that consider the impact their purchases have on the world. She hopes this approach to transparent production and education will eventually change the landscape of commercialism.

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