Short, flared skirt with urban-artesian style.

Sutter Larkin

$ 125.00


Mixed textures and colors make this one-of-a-kind skirt a classic modern. It’s easy to dress up for a professional look (think silk blouse with heels). For a more casual vibe, wear it with a long sleeve cotton top and boots. It’s wearable art so the options are endless. 
The materials are their second life: I take the unwanted and turn them into the wanted. Because of this, the carbon footprint in generating the materials for this piece is super low. This skirt is made from gray wool trousers, a remnant of caramel brown fabric (with great texture) and a strip of multi colored lace. The buttons came from a jar found in my grandmother’s basement. The included leather belt (Ralph Lauren) is from an estate sale. 
Handmade by me so it’s 100% sweatshop free. 
Waist 35” Length 21”

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