Modern-Artesian Wrap with Fringe

Sutter Larkin

$ 198.00


This patchwork wrap is really fun to wear. Dress it with your favorite jeans and high-heeled boots; that would totally work. Or style it with a long skirt and belt around the waist; that would create another sassy vibe. It’s wearable art so the options are endless. 
The materials are on their second life: I take the unwanted and turn them into the wanted. Because of this, the carbon footprint in generating the materials and manufacturing this piece is zero. This piece is made with cotton sweaters in great condition that someone didn’t need any more. The fringe was found in a remnant bin.
It measures 36" across and 52" in length (not including fringe. It is 3” long).

Handmade by me so it’s 100% sweatshop free. 
Size: L

Easy care: gentle wash in cold water in mesh bag with mild soap and line dry.

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