Native Gift Bags

Gift Garb Bags

$ 15.99

Fabric Gift Bags, Set of Two with rounded bottoms, Trendy Southwestern or Native American print. Bags are fully lined with a neutral grey/brown woven fabric.

The bag comes with a fabric ring closure that is made from the lining fabric and has 3 colors of matching decorative top stitching.

These small bags are perfect for a Birthday Gift, or any other type of gift and will hold items like, jewelry, a gift card, perfume, party favors, small toys, jewelry, a wallet, accessories, knick-knacks, and small electronics.

Both fabrics are cotton blends.

Bags Measure Approximately

1 - 4.5 W x 10 H (inches)
2 - 6.5 W x 9 H

These bags were made from fabric remnants rescued from a second hand source.

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