Vintage Vibe Skirt

Sutter Larkin

$ 150.00

This one-of-a-kind a-line long skirt came to life after combining 70’s vintage fabric, a pair of designer cords and a vintage leather belt. You can pull off a 70’s rocker vibe, an artisan look and designer gypsy with this sassy skirt. Any occasion for dressing uniquely.

Different shades of brown with a splash of blue. Floral print, stripes, and woven leather. 3 snaps up front.

Size 6

The skirt will be very long. From the bottom of the corduroy to the bottom of the skirt is 37". Most likely you’ll have to have it shorten.

Handmade with tender loving care in the US of A.

Gentle wash cold, line dry. Iron if needed.

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