Honey Darlin

Honey Darlin is an Eco-Friendly fashion brand made in the USA (Texas to be exact) by designer and maker Amy Nicole. Each Honey Darlin garment is one-of-a-kind and handmade using vintage and recycled materials. Amy has a passion for making high-quality, fashion-forward garments for today's women using yesterday's textiles.

Through Honey Darlin, Amy hopes to promote a message of low-waste and low-impact manufacturing by creating fresh, wearable garments from existing textiles and generating little to no waste in production. She strongly believes that people are not going to get excited about eco fashion unless the clothing is fun and on trend. Honey Darlin aims to join the ever growing community of slow fashion companies in getting the word out there about beautiful clothing that is good for the environment.

Amy would like to thank you for supporting slow fashion, ethical manufacturing, locally made products, and eco-conscious garments.

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