Gift Garb Bags

Our families came to the Arizona territory back in the days of Wyatt Earp and horse-mounted cavalry soldiers.  It was a rugged and difficult life and they learned to make do with whatever they had.  They passed that spirit of resourcefulness on to their children and grandchildren.  Our mothers adopted that penny-wise approach, particularly when it came to clothing.  Everything that could be handed down was and when an article of clothing had been worn for the last time it usually became something else.  Used jeans made thick, durable blankets and a worn cotton t-shirt made an excellent mop head.

It is with that tradition of our territorial forefathers that we bring you Gift Garb Bags.  We rescue clothing and other fabric from resale outlets and re-purpose them into attractive, long-lasting and unique bags.

Most of the materials for our bags come from a third-tier channel...Meaning that the thrift shops and discount stores have already gleaned the items that they want.  We believe our material sourcing is crucial because we think it would be irresponsible to turn desirable clothing into bags.  However, we can give some of those rejected items new life.  For example we can take a beautiful skirt with a tear in it, or a jacket with a broken zipper and make the salvageable fabric from these items into excellent bags

Our bags are great for the planet.  These gift bags will last for years which means fewer trees cut down for wrapping paper, fewer natural resources used to produce the paper, and less discarded paper and fabric filling our landfills.

Our fabrics are carefully chosen, inspected and cleaned and made in a smoke and pet free environment.

We invite you to purchase some of our one-of-a-kind bags and make them a part of your family tradition.