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"The Story of my experiments with the Truth", biography of Mahatma Gandhi inspires me to be compassionate, truth oriented and have correct priorities in life. "Khadi" - handmade cotton was promoted by the Mahatma as a non violent weapon in the struggle for India's independence. "Khadi", besides being one of the most eco-friendly materials, is also representative of the values and the the spirit of Mahatma. In our own humble way, our only brand "Divine Ray" is exclusively dedicated to "Khadi" and we hope to incorporate some of its values into our world today.

Our Product Process

All our fabrics are 100% pure cotton that is Hand spun, Hand Woven & Hand Dyed, which is termed as “Khadi” (pronounced Khādī). Khadi was launched in 1920 as a peaceful weapon in the freedom movement of India by Mahatma Gandhi. At Divine Ray, we still draw inspiration from this great man who was the chief creator, chief promoter and chief marketer of this great freedom fabric.

At Divine Ray, we start with picking only the best pure cotton from states of West Bengal, Gujarat, Maharshtra & Andhra Pradesh in India.
This entire process uses zero electricity and is very sustainable.

Once this handmade fabric process is completed, our designers come up with inspired designs and our craftsmen execute the concept to bring life to the shirts that you see in front of you today.

Product Disclaimer

Most of our fabric and shirt making process is done by hand. So, sometimes the weave and color may be slightly uneven from what one would expect compared to a machine finish. We do not make any claims of manufacturing a "perfect" garment but stand behind our quality 100%. We believe that hand weaving and hand spinning adds to the charm of the garments and distinguishes it from some of the mass produced items. For any reason should you be dissatisfied with your purchase, we would be happy to issue a full refund.

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